Celebration Message

Would you like to have a personalised message for a loved one or your guest displayed before a performance and make their evening?

Post a private joke, say ‘Congratulations’ or share birthday wishes for all to see on the ENO surtitles board.

At only £25 this unique gift can be booked via the secure form below.

All messages (maximum 5 per performance) will be posted on the surtitles screen on rotation 15 minutes before curtain up and during the intervals.

In order for us to have your message displayed before curtain up, we’ll need to receive your message 45 minutes before the performance starts.

We welcome messages of all kinds but please nothing inappropriate. Please note we can only show up to 12 messages per performance so we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and we cannot display messages at our Surtitle Free performances.