American Bar Restaurant autumn menu

Set menu: £22 for two courses, £27 for three courses on the dishes indicated with a star *.


* Orange, ginger and carrot soup, sour cream, cayenne (vg) (7)
Chicken & ham terrine, pickled shimeji, tarragon mayo, honey mustard dressing (8)
Duck tortellini, butternut velouté, spring onion, nasturtium leaves (8)
Pickled mackerel, beetroot puree, sour pear, watercress, toasted soda bread (8)
Twice baked goats cheese soufflé, grilled artichokes, courgettes, red pepper coulis (8)


* Roast chicken supreme, creamy mash, pine nuts, black olive jus (17)
Lamb rump, croquette of lamb shoulder, black garlic, basil & tomato vinaigrette (20)
Roasted miso salmon fillet, citrus & white wine sauce, bok choy, lotus crisp (18)
Lemon sole, capers, gherkins, cucumber, croutons, brown butter (21)
Curried Puy lentils, charred cauliflower, apples, hazelnut (vg) (14)


Green beans, toasted almonds (vg) (4)
Creamy mash potato (v) (4)
Mixed salad, chardonnay and tarragon dressing (v) (4)


* Plum & apple crumble, crème anglaise (7)
Coffee crème brulée, orange & vanilla shortbread (7)
Chocolate délice, macerated cherries, clotted cream (7)
Roasted pineapple, pistachio crumbs, golden raisins, chilli syrup, lemon sorbet (vg) (7)
British cheese selection: Tunworth, Montgomery cheddar, Stilton (10)

(vg) = Vegan; (v) = Vegetarian

All items are subject to availability. All prices include VAT.

Every purchase supports the ENO. A discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.

We use a wide range of ingredients in our kitchen, some of which may contain allergens. If you have a specific allergy or dietary requirement,
please let us know. We would love to tell you what’s in our food to assist you with your choice.