ENO Brand Guidelines

Looking for our logos and how to use them? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of logo files that you can use for web and print, and a style guide to help you use our logo assets correctly.

Just be aware that our trademarks are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws so please use them only as allowed. You may use our trademarks if you’re a visiting company or co-producer for an event at the London Coliseum or other authorised user such as an affiliate, a confirmed third party retailer or a sponsor. If you’re not please contact us.

English National Opera

Style Guidelines for English National Opera

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Logo files:





Remember, by downloading and/or using our trademarks you agree to abide by our guidelines.

Please don’t:

  • Display our trademarks in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by English National Opera without prior written agreement. This means that if you’re supplying goods or services to English National Opera, you mustn’t name us in any customer lists, press releases or any other of your marketing or promotional materials without our prior approval.
  • Use our trademarks as part of your own business or service name, including in meta tags, adwords, keywords, etc.
  • Alter our trademarks in any way, such as by changing the design, colour or rotation, or by adding animation or other effects.
  • Copy or imitate our designs, fonts, colour combinations, or the look and feel of our trademarks and websites.
  • Combine our trademarks with any other names, trademarks, graphics or generic terms, without our written consent.
  • Present our trademarks in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature of what you’re creating.
  • Assert rights over our trademarks whether by trademark or domain name registration, or anything else.
  • Use our trademarks on merchandise or other products (or packaging) such as clothing, hats, or mugs.
  • Display our trademarks anywhere that contains content associated with pornography, gambling, obscenity, or illegal activities.
  • Use our trademarks in connection with any sweepstakes, contest, or other promotion.
  • These guidelines can change without notice and use of our trademarks can be revoked at any time so if you are not going to use them for a while – just check back here that nothing has changed.

London Coliseum, ENO and English National Opera are registered trademarks. ENO is the  owner and as such has ultimate and absolute discretion as to whether to permit or prohibit use.

ENO owns the intellectual property rights in all sub-brands and artwork created under commission. All such rights are reserved.

The logo and master artworks are supplied for you for the purpose of supplying services to ENO and  you are hereby licensed to use these for the purpose of supplying those services and only for as long as the contract to supply those services lasts. In order to use the materials for any other purpose you must first obtain permission to do so from us. As a supplier you may use the materials and you have permission to use the logo but you need to comply with these brand guidelines.

Failure to do so will be regarded as ‘unlicensed use of the logo’ and may result in legal action being taken.

If you breach the contract of supply or these conditions of use your right to use the materials will cease immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made.

You are not permitted to use any of the ENO logos in your own promotional material except where we have given consent