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Alasdair Elliott - Tenor in Marnie of English National Opera

Alasdair Elliott


Career Highlights

Currently for ENO: Don Curzio The Marriage of Figaro

Previously for ENO: Mr Strutt Marnie, Shvonder/Proletarian A Dog’s Heart, Vítek Makropulos Case, Monostatos, Brighella, Caius, Valzacchi, Andres Wozzeck, Vova Life with an Idiot.

Notable engagements elsewhere: Mime (Scottish Opera); Pong (Teatro Real Madrid, ROH ); Monostatos (ROH, Lisbon, Glyndebourne); David Meistersinger (Staatstheater Stuttgart); Brighella (ROH); Bardolph, Caius (Seattle Opera, Scottish Opera, LSO, Glyndebourne, Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Munich); First and Fourth Jew Salome (WNO, Netherlands Opera, La Monnaie); Goro (ROH, Opera North, Holland Park); Spoletta ( Seattle ); Valzacchi, Vova (Scottish Opera); Guidobald Usodimare Die Gezeichneten (Netherlands Opera); Andres (ROH, New Israeli Opera); Innkeeper Benvenuto Cellini, Red Whiskers Billy Budd (LSO); Gamekeeper Rusalka, Red Whiskers, Snout Midsummer Night’s Dream (Glyndebourne) Nick La anciulla del West (Opera Zuid).

Recordings: Fourth Jew Salome (Chandos); Caius, Cabaretier Benevenuto Cellini (LSO Live); Red Whiskers (Virgin); Gamekeeper Rusalka (GFO Live); Meistersinger (ROH – Heritage).


Forthcoming: Fourth Jew (Israeli Opera); Dancing Master, Beppe (Scottish Opera); Innkeeper (Glyndebourne); Squeak, Don Curzio (ROH).

Last updated: 15th March 2018