ENO1920 Orpheus and Eurydice: Ben Cullen Williams

Ben Cullen Williams

Video Designer

Ben Cullen Williams is a British visual artist. His work consists of installations, sculptures, photographs and films that aim to create an engagement with the phenomenological elements of the world around us – light, space, material and form.

Currently for ENO: Orpheus and Eurydice

Career Highlights

Ben’s work draws on a range of fabrication processes from physical to digital to understand our changing relationship to the world in an increasingly digitalised environment.

His work aims to be outside a socio-economic context and allowed to operate at a more direct sensory level, out of specific time and place, so that the narrative may be suggestive rather than didactic. His work has been shown internationally in a range of spaces, galleries and environments, as well collaborating with a range of different disciplines and fields. In 2017, he collaborated with Wayne McGregor on McGregor’s work Autobiography for Company Wayne McGregor to create the award-winning set and projection design.

Last updated: 31st May 2024