ENO 1819 Akhnaten Inaki Sastre

Inaki Sastre

Skills Ensemble

Inaki Sastre started juggling in the mid-1990s. During his college years in Spain he regularly attended juggling workshops all over Europe. Soon after, he started performing with local theatre and juggling companies, and teaching juggling.

Previously for ENO: Akhnaten

Career Highlights

After graduating in Social Work, he moved to London in 2002 where he started working with Gandini Juggling. With them he has performed hundreds of shows around the world for every possible kind of event and audiences. He features in their acclaimed show Smashed and their more recent piece 8 Songs. He was part of the original cast of Akhnaten (ENO) and its subsequent revival at the LA Opera. He will be appearing in the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Akhnaten later in 2019. Over the years he has continued teaching workshops and is a regular degree teacher at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London.

Last updated: 24th April 2024