Headshot of Julia-Rumley

Julia Rumley-Quénelle


When did you join?
I joined the ENO Orchestra in September 2013.

Favourite ENO opera?
Favourite ENO Opera was Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd – ENO at its best for sure!

Best ENO moment?
Think my best ENO moment was opening night of The Mastersingers of Nuremburg (Die Meistersinger) with Edward Gardner. The orchestra played with amazing drive and commitment and the cast was spectacular!

How did you start?
I started the violin when I wasn’t quite 3 years old. I come from a very musical family and my mother, who is also a professional violinist, tried to introduce me to the cello. I insisted it had to be the violin!

Passion outside of opera?
As a busy mother to two young boys, I’d have to say my real passions outside music and opera are my family, cooking and travelling!

Last updated: 21st October 2022