ENO 1819 Akhnaten: Kim Huynh

Kim Huynh

Skills Ensemble

Kim Huynh trained in classical dance in Germany from the age of 4. She continued in contemporary dance and received her dance certificate in 2003 at the Conservatoire de Saint Denis in France.

Previously for ENO: Akhnaten

Career Highlights

Self-taught in juggling from the age of 10, Huynh has been working since 2004 as a professional juggler in companies that combine dance and juggling, such as the Compagnie Jérôme Thomas, Compagnie 14:20 and Gandini Juggling. In 2008 she co-founded the French company Sens Dessus Dessous, which focuses on choreographed juggling, merging dance, object manipulation and juggling. Today she mainly works with Gandini Juggling and is performing in many of their

Last updated: 4th July 2023