Lauren Bridle Headshot

Lauren Bridle

Movement Artist

Lauren Bridle is a freelance dance artist, working both nationally and internationally.

Currently for ENO: The Dead City

Previously for ENO: The Rhinegold, The Valkyrie


Career Highlights

Graduating from London Studio Centre (UAL) in 2008, with a first-class degree, her work moves between the arts. Most frequently she performs with dance, opera, immersive theatre, film, art, fashion and festival party and event curation. Her role as Artistic Director at The People Pile sees her working in costume and event design, choreography casting and creative curation. Within the opera world, she has appeared at the ENO, ROH, working also with the ballet company on Swan Lake, Glyndebourne and Grange Park. She has frequentlyw orked as an immersive performer/creator within Secret cinema, The People Pile and Immersive Cult. Recently her work has engaged in more collaborative and creative approach. During Covid, her film work expanded, with The People Pile working alongside Ridley Scott, in Napoleon. She also creates for music video and advertising, as well as performing in these fields

Last updated: 10th March 2023

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