ENO1920 The Mask of Orpheus: Leo Hedman

Leo Hedman


Leo Hedman is a Swedish aerial artist and choreographer based in London. He fell in love with circus and aerial in 1999, before graduating with a BA in Circus Arts from London’s National Centre for Circus Arts in 2006 pioneering the use of clear plastic as a circus aerial discipline.

Previously for ENO: Aristaeus the Hero The Mask of Orpheus, Ringmaster Bevenuto Cellini

Career Highlights

Originally trained in silks, rope and later plastic, he is ever-curious, and since then has performed with straps, multi-cord and aerial hoop at various events and venues around the world. He was drawn to circus for its ability to create stage imagery that is both magical and surreal, and that can literally turn the narrative upside down. His own work aims to be visually striking and beautiful, but often through the lens of grotesque or horror, often with a non-binary and androgynous character exploration. The Mask of Orpheus is his second production at ENO, having taken part in Benvenuto Cellini directed by Terry Gilliam, playing the ringmaster of the carnival with his aerial and whip cracking skills

Last updated: 19th December 2019