Lina Johansson - Movement Director at English National Opera

Lina Johansson

Movement Director

Lina Johansson is joint Artistic Director of Mimbre, an acrobatic theatre company fusing acrobatics, dance and humour to create visual poetry in unconventional performance spaces.

Previously for ENO: Aida


Career Highlights

Lina also works as a director, choreographer and movement director for circus, theatre and opera. Originally trained in circus skills and specialising in acrobatics and acrobalance, she acquired further training and influence from a variety of movement and performance practices. These have shaped and informed her style and the physical language she has developed for a range of theatrical setting; always pursuing heightened physicality, stretching the subtle and spectacular ways that choreography and physical imagery can be used to enhance or tell a story.

Directing/choreography credits include: director, Wondrous Strange (RSC/Mimbre); acrobatic choreographer, Orfeo (National Opera House/Roundhouse co-production); associate director, City of the Unexpected (National Theatre Wales); director Falling Up, Bench (Mimbre, UK and European tours); director, PolymerUdderbelly and Mergence (graduation shows for National Centre for Circus Arts); director, What We Do Is What We Love (Roundhouse); acrobatic choreographer, Boris Gudinov (RSC).

Last updated: 4th July 2023