Lucie Maisha N’Duhirahe - Ensemble at English National Opera

Lucie Maisha N’Duhirahe

Skills Ensemble

Lucie Maisha N’Duhirahe started circus in Switzerland at 7 years old. Throughout the years her love of performing and circus grew through teaching and performing – sharing skills and time with others.

Previously for ENO: Aida

Career Highlights

At 18, she taught circus in Brazil, before joining the National Centre for Circus Arts (London), specialising in the discipline of Double Cloud. After graduating in 2009, alongside her performance partner Francesca Hyde, the pair founded the company Collectif and then… Together, they have toured internationally to four continents.  She also works with the Keneba project in Burkina Faso in a performance in collaboration with local artists. She values circus for its ability to express what cannot easily be conveyed in words, in a language that transcends national and political boundaries.

Awards: Collectif and then… was awarded the Oxford Samuel Beckett Award in 2016 for their show The Machine, which premiered at the Barbican.

Last updated: 28th December 2023