ENO Orchestra: Rosie Stanford headshot

Rosie Staniforth


When did you join?
I joined the orchestra in September 2019, just a few months before the pandemic struck and shut us down as we were rehearsing Rusalka in Blackheath. It was such a strange and depressing time for performing musicians (and everyone else) so I was relieved and delighted when everything started up again, although there’s still no sign of Rusalka…

Favourite ENO opera?
It’s early days in my ENO career and I’m already struggling to choose. If pressed, I think I’d have to say Salome. What an amazing score!

Best ENO moment?
Being offered the job. It was 9pm on a Wednesday night and I was at home, drinking herbal tea and doing my accounts (my most hated chore.) As soon as the phone call ended, I poured the tea down the sink and opened a bottle of champagne. Needless to say, my accounts didn’t progress any further that night!

How did you start?
I must have shown a reasonable amount of potential on the recorder, which everyone at my state primary school was able to try: I was offered an oboe (the only instrument left in the cupboard) and free lessons from the peripatetic woodwind teacher. It upsets me to think of how much raw talent is slipping through the net now that these opportunities are no longer available in schools.

Passion outside of opera?
As nerdy/obsessive as this sounds, one of my passions outside of ENO is opera! Since moving from Scotland, I’ve been to every single production of opera and ballet on offer down the road (you know where 😉)  I also love horse-riding and dancing Argentine tango.

Last updated: 28th December 2022