What I'm listening to: Maddie Ridout (ENO Orchestra Manager)


We’ve been asking members of ENO’s artists and creatives to compile playlists of what they’ve been listening to.

This week’s ‘What I’m listening to’ has been created by ENO Orchestra Manager, Maddie Ridout:

‘This playlist combines some of my recent favourites with other classical works that I often find myself returning to.’

‘Many of the selections bring back fond memories, such as being inspired to take up percussion after hearing Xenakis for the first time. I also vividly recall playing a few of the pieces in my youth and university orchestras.’

‘Two Janacek pieces feature in this playlist as I love the sound that he creates in his writing and the regularity with which unexpected turns present themselves in his music. ‘

‘My family cat, Figaro, is frequently treated to a rendition of the Barber of Seville extract included in this list when I return home. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m sure he does.’