What I'm listening to: Shannon St Luce


We’ve asked ENO artists and creatives to put together a playlist of what they are listening to right now.

Our latest ‘What I’m listening to’ comes from ENO Assistant Orchestra Manager, Shannon St. Luce.

My playlist is a snapshot into a lifetime of musical memories: I grew up listening to a lot of soul and swing which, as a teenager, morphed into an “anything-with-a-distorted-guitar-in-it” phase. Whilst my musical tastes have changed, classical has always remained a constant, and I look forward to discovering more of the operatic world in my new role at ENO. At a glance, this might seem like an odd collection, but each song in this playlist reminds me of a certain time, place, person or a mixture of all three – whatever I happen to be listening to right now, I’m always happy to come back to any of these.