What I'm listening to: Thomas Morgan (ENO Events Manager)


We’ve been asking members of ENO’s artists and creatives to compile playlists of what they’ve been listening to.

This week’s ‘What I’m listening to’ has been created by ENO Events Manager, Thomas Morgan:

‘I grew up in a very musical household so the radio was playing day and night. My mother introduced me to the wonder of classical music, while my dad introduced me to some truly incredible (and some just downright bizarre!) music in other genres. As a result, I have a rather eclectic taste, from opera and blues, to pop and electroswing.’

‘Having studied music, I am always fascinated by tracks which are a bit different or out there, be that an interesting syncopated beat, a gripping hook or compelling lyrics. I especially love tracks which cross genres. Every track I’ve selected is on my current top played list, and each has a special memory attached. To me, music is a story and an emotion beautifully delivered in just a few minutes. Enjoy!’