ESOL Programme

ENO has partnered with New City College since 2018 to deliver innovative and transformative projects for ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) learners. 

Annually ENO have delivered 6 week intensive singing and songwriting workshops across New City College’s London campuses in East London. These have brought professional artists regularly into their schools, with the workshops supporting language acquisition and emotional regulation alongside promoting self-expression and building self-confidence. They celebrate ENO’s choice to perform opera in English and open up the stories we can tell through music. 

The projects culminate with a performance for family and friends accompanied by singers and musicians from ENO. Often this is the first opportunity for the ESOL students to speak English in a public setting. 


In 2023 ENO will partner with New City College to deliver CPD  to ensure all ESOL tutors across New City College’s nine campuses feel confident in leading creative drama/music exercises in the classroom.

I was shy before singing but Aga showed me I can do it and that’s my best and now I can sing when everyone is there
ESOL Student

It has helped me to learn because in my country they don’t understand opera but in this country I learnt about opera and singing
ESOL Student

I cannot put into words the value we place on this relationship. Your gift to staff and students is inestimable. Principal of New City College