Running the Berlin Half Marathon for ENO Breathe

29th April 2022 in News

Past ENO Breathe participant, Umut, took part in the ENO Breathe programme 12 months ago, and on 3 April he ran the Berlin Half Marathon in support of ENO Breathe. This is an inspiring and wonderful story to recovery that we wanted to share with everyone!

Before his run Umut said:

‘Nearly a year after contracting Covid-19, I still had breathing and breathing related issues. One of the biggest issues being the associated anxiety of where this was all going. After Covid-19, you don’t trust your body as you did before, and this hesitancy brings with it even more anxiety. Something had to help me break the loop…
Attending the ENO Breathe programme helped me build the confidence to take small steps forward, as it furnished me with the tools to cope with breathlessness and anxiety, thanks to the breathing and calming exercises.
Not only was the loop broken, I also managed to – with their support – apply those learnings in my everyday life. From a few minutes on an exercise machine to running long distances today, those small steps have culminated in achieving my goal of running a half marathon. And now I would like to give back to the programme that has helped me and so many others.
I have committed to raise £5,000 to support ENO Breathe and I am asking if you would consider joining me in this effort. Your donations will go directly to fund ENO Breathe and allow this programme to reach many other long Covid-19 sufferers.’

To date, ENO Breathe has been funded by donations from ENO Supporters and Members and is welcoming further support. Over 1,000 patients across the country have benefitted from ENO Breathe and we know many more are in need of this support.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Umut so far. If you haven’t donated yet but are inspired by this incredible achievement, please do consider helping Umut reach his funding target so that more people can receive help from ENO Breathe.

You can donate through Umut’s JustGiving page.

‘Ran the Berlin Half Marathon today, with a respectable 1:58:05. Not too bad considering it was snowing at the start line, which I mistook for confetti initially, and wasn’t the warmest of runs. This is a big deal post Covid, and its lingering Long Covid. I thank NHS and ENO BREATHE for helping me get here!’ – Umut

Congratulations Umut – we are all in complete awe!

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