Transform your video conference meetings with these ENO production backgrounds

4th May 2020 in News

Fancy being an Egyptian Pharaoh for the hour, or maybe you want to be centre stage in our production of La bohème? Here’s some ENO production shots to transform your video call background.

still from Akhnaten featuring a shadows of people and balls in front of a moon
Egyptian in golden clock in front of orange sun in ENO Akhnaten
pirates on deck from ENO's Pirates of Penzance
women in lacrosse outfits with three eating lollipops as part of ENO's Mikado
group of woman in between grey walls from ENO's Peter Grimes
silhouette from ENO's Madam Butterfly of woman holding two fans performing on red stage
still from madam butterfly with man and woman surrounded by white lamps
ENO chorus on stage performing a scene from Porgy and Bess

To use any of these images, simply save them from this page (right click and save image), navigate to Zoom’s Virtual Background option in Account Settings and set your chosen image.

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