What I'm listening to: Matthew Durkan (ENO Harewood Artist)


We’ve asked ENO artists and creatives to put together a playlist of what they are listening to right now.

The next playlist in our ‘What I’m listening to’ series is curated by our ENO Harewood Artist Matthew Durkan:

‘I didn’t see an opera until I was 18, so most of my musical obsessions come from my days of playing guitar in a metal band as a teenager. I was first introduced to the Progressive Metal band, Dream Theater, by my brother when I was about 13 and have been completely obsessed since (I have a couple of Dream Theater tattoos… I wasn’t exaggerating) so I’ve included some of my Prog-rock favourites. There’s something about the expansive storytelling and musicianship in progressive music that is perhaps the reason I took to my other obsession – opera. A few of these songs take me back to childhood – getting the ferry to Ireland to see my dads family in County Mayo. There are a few songs in there for fun and I couldn’t help but include some of the opera singers I am in love with currently. Anybody that knows me is aware of how much of my life is spent listening to singers on Youtube and Spotify (“…’ere y’are – you’ve got to listen to this tenor!”).’