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Shanghai Ballet Company

Echoes of Eternity

A powerful, moving exploration of love and loss.

The Song of Everlasting Regret is a legendary poem in the canon of Chinese literature, a favourite from the 8th-century Tang dynasty. This year, it will be brought to life by the world-renowned Shanghai Ballet.

It tells the tale of the romance between Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, his beloved imperial concubine – a story of love, conflict and ultimately, tragedy. Echoes of Eternity is a co-production between the world-renowned Shanghai Ballet and the Shanghai Grand Theatre, featuring choreography by Patrick de Bana that brings the romance of 8th-century China firmly into the present day. This is a powerful, moving exploration of love and loss, a dance extravaganza that’s poetry in motion.

These performances are part of the Shanghai Season at the London Coliseum, a unique collaboration between Shanghai Opera and Shanghai Ballet companies. Find out more on Shanghai Opera’s Thunderstorm, 11-14 August.

Production Supported by MG Motor UK.

Tickets from £15 – £75 plus booking fee.*

This production is performed to a recorded soundtrack.

* London Coliseum charges a £1.50 booking fee per ticket, or a maximum of £6 per transaction.


Creative Team

Patrick de Bana


Jaya Ibrahim

Set designer

Agnes Letestu

Costume designer

James Angot

Light designer

Jean Francois Vazelle


Sifu Tang

Literature Consultant

Jean Marie Didiere & Attila Istvan Bako

Assistants to Choreographer

Armand Amar, Ravia Goldschmidt, Kodo, Henryk Górecki & Philip Glass